Chefs / Restaurants

Your customers are looking for a range of sizes, shapes and uses of mushrooms on menus and Giorgio delivers the quality and versatility to meet your tastes and those of your customers.

Giorgio fresh mushrooms are a naturally delicious and nutritious choice. Giorgio mushrooms are noted for their flexibility for use in recipes, as an ingredient, flavor-enhancer or main dish. Low in calories and sodium, fat-free and gluten free, Giorgio mushrooms are an enticing addition to a wide range of serving suggestions.

Aside from the ever-popular whole and sliced mushrooms Giorgio is your source to tap into the fast growing, healthy specialty mushroom segment including organic mushrooms, Vitamin D Portabella Caps, Shitake, royal trumpet, enoki, pompom, maitake, and much more. Consumers keep increasing their mushroom purchases due to the health and nutrition benefits mushrooms provide.

The Giorgio test kitchen is staffed with chefs and food scientists prepared to help you with menu planning ideas and recipes. Our team has proven expertise and the technical skills to support the needs of chefs and dieticians.

So if you’re looking for healthy ideas with appetite appeal, Giorgio mushrooms fit the menu in so many ways: they’re nutritious, versatile and a great value. It’s why chefs and restaurants pick Giorgio above all others.

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