Giorgio is known as America’s Favorite Mushroom with a legacy that spans three generations. Consumers know and trust the Giorgio name and choose Giorgio over other mushroom brands for our quality, variety and product consistency.

Giorgio is home to the most recognizable brand names in the fresh mushroom category: Giorgio, Pennsylvania Dutchman, Modern, and Green Giant as well as the many other supermarket private brand labels brands for which we are a major packer.

Consumers appreciate Giorgio’s wide product variety including whole and sliced fresh mushrooms, pre-washed, Fresh ‘n Clean mushrooms, organic mushrooms and specialty items like royal trumpet, enoki, pompom, maitake, and more. Our obsession with quality ensures that every mushroom we grow meets Giorgio’s exacting standards.

Consumers know you can’t pick a better mushroom than Giorgio to make any meal special. Check out the exciting Recipe Section below featuring Giorgio mushrooms and create a delicious dish today.