Food Safety

Being Totally Integrated Gives Us Total Control
Being a fully integrated operation, Giorgio controls every step of the growing process – from medium preparation and growing to packing and distribution. Every Giorgio mushroom goes through a rigorous process in growing, sizing, harvesting, packaging, and labeling so you get mushrooms that are uniform in size with the best overall appearance. Giorgio mushrooms are delivered to retailers, wholesalers, and distributors.

We have the largest mushroom R&D department in the country, with a full-time staff of specialists with advanced degrees in microbiology and food science. They analyze and test everything from raw materials and new recipes to unique customer requests and new products.

Our fleet of refrigerated trucks and tractors give us total delivery control, day and night, to assure prompt, efficient service nationwide.

HACCP (Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points)
Giorgio Fresh Company is committed to producing high quality fresh mushrooms for our customers. We understand how important food safety is today, and we take all necessary action to protect our food from biological, chemical and physical contamination for well being of our customers. Food Safety is our goal every single day and we believe that good HACCP Program is a first step to reach this target. Our HACCP Program is fully implemented and maintained along with the pre-requisites program including but not limited to: Good Manufacturing Procedures (GMPs), Sanitation, Maintenance, Pest Control, Supplier Approval and Allergen Control.

All employees including new hires and temporary are trained in food safety to assure that the foods safety hazards are under control.