As one of the largest growers of fresh mushrooms in the world, Giorgio is proud to supply many of North America’s major food processors with a wide range of fresh and frozen mushrooms. Giorgio has the resources, the products and the industry know-how to meet the fast-paced needs of our industrial customers.

Giorgio has set the standard for quality and consistency in the mushroom industry and in serving industrial customers for decades. We prepare our own growing medium and let our mushrooms mature under the most technologically advanced conditions. We pioneered Integrated Pest Management (IPM), using non-chemical and natural pest control techniques to protect the environment while growing fresh, tender mushrooms. When they’re ready, we hand-pick and process our mushrooms under the strictest quality control procedures.

At Giorgio we work closely with industrial customers to manage a plan that improves efficiencies and sales. To us it’s always been about building relationships and exceeding expectations. We truly know the ins and outs of the industrial market.

Giorgio offers regular and organic mushrooms. Our fresh and frozen offerings include white mushrooms, crimini, portabella, and shiitake. We work closely with R&D staffs of food manufacturers to determine the best cut and mix of attributes to choose the right mushroom for your project needs.

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