Kaizen and TPS at Giorgio

The management philosophies expounded by Peters and Waterman in “In Search of Excellence” and Masaki Imai in “Kaizen” were integrated into Giorgio companies operating philosophy after being introduced by Fred and Peter Giorgi.

As part of our philosophy, we look for solutions from the bottom up. Since employees are expert in their areas, they are capable and eager to help with the solutions resulting in “bottom up management.”

To further our commitment to excellence, we recently became involved with the TPS (Toyota Production System) which is being implemented with help from TSSC (Toyota Supplier Support Center). To be invited to participate in TSSC is an honor and a demanding task but we look forward to our continued growth in this area.

The emphasis at Giorgio, particularly through Kaizen and TPS, is to provide our customers with quality, service, and delivery.

The steps to achieve that:

We adopt a Customer First philosophy. Our goal is to send defect-free product to the customer. To achieve that, we work to determine the customer’s quality standards, test our performance against the customer’s standards, and check our on-going performance to that end.

Giorgio understands that People are the Most Valuable Resource. People want to make valuable contributions to the world. People have limitless capability. By empowering our people through our many programs we have motivated them and made them an integral part of our team. Giorgio has been able to maintain long term employees and low turnover not just at management, but significantly in mushroom growing, harvesting, and packaging – where quality is really determined.

Kaizen is the continuous pursuit of improvement.
The steps to improvement include:

a) A thorough elimination of waste such as overproduction, waiting, inventory, unnecessary motion. Doing the job consistently and correctly, with established and well-communicated standards is the key. 

b) The goal of production is to increase the proportion of value-added work. Moving product without adding quality is not purposeful.

c) A stable process is necessary to achieve our improvements. Reliability of the people, the equipment, the raw materials, and the process assures a quality result.


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