Giorgio® Savory Wild

Finally, a vegan/vegetarian snack that truly satisfies. Our signature portabella jerky is made from the highest quality, Pennsylvania grown, hand-picked portabella mushrooms to bring you an unbelievably tasty, and savory snack.

To make our 100% plant-based jerky, we keep it simple – starting with hand-picked portabella mushrooms that we’ve been growing at our family farms for over 90 years. After slicing and marinating them in our chef-created recipes, they’re gently dried in small batches over several hours. That’s it! Savory Wild is an incredibly flavorful, meaty-textured snack alternative for those who don’t eat meat (or – who are we kidding, even for those who do!)

Taste all three umami-packed jerky flavors today! Just like us, we’re sure you’ll have a hard time choosing a favorite!

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