Giorgio Products

Retail Mushrooms

Each month we produce millions of pounds of mushrooms, grown to the most exacting standards and shipped to the retail trade with pride and care. We supply retailers both large and small with the variety, quality and packaging consumers are looking for.

We have the versatility to offer retail customers different packaging, based on meeting your needs and those of your customers. We offer three packaging options:

  1. Foam: our foam packaging cushions and insulates our mushrooms while extending the shelf life. Foam is  also lightweight and is recyclable in certain areas  of the country.
  2. RPET: our recycled PET packaging is made from recycled plastic bottles. This eco-friendly option is good  for our mushrooms and the environment.
  3. Corrugated: this packaging is recyclable. This package is showing great acceptance as an environmentally conscious alternative.

We are also on the forefront of Vendor-Managed Inventory to dramatically improve inventory turns, eliminate waste, and drive sales growth for our retail customers. That’s just one more reason why you can’t pick a better partner than Giorgio.

Foodservice Mushrooms

Giorgio is the “go to” partner of foodservice distributors. We know what your customers want – consistent quality, appetite appeal and variety. No matter if your customer is a high end restaurant looking for a wide variety of exotic mushrooms, a caterer who demands consistent quality or a pizzeria looking for the freshest sliced mushrooms – Giorgio will deliver for you and your customers.

And you can rely on us for prompt delivery with our Just-in-Time process. Our trucks will deliver your order when you need it – from North to South, East to West with expanded operations in the southwest owing to our joint venture with Monteblanco, the largest mushroom grower in Mexico.

Foodservice companies know that Giorgio stands above all other brands as America’s Favorite Mushroom. That’s why for variety and quality you can’t pick a better partner than Giorgio.