During this challenging time for growers and manufacturers to continue to deliver to their consumers food products across the supply chain and into the marketplace, Giorgio® remains 100% committed to growing and supplying fresh and processed Mushrooms with the utmost quality - and at the best service and safety levels that it can achieve. Additionally, Can Corporation remains 100% committed to delivering the high quality food packaging needed to deliver its customers' products to market. With that said, this wouldn't be possible without the extraordinary effort and commitment from Giorgio's and Can Corporation's amazing employees and the coordination and support from their trusted Customers. We thank all of you!


Giorgio® Exotic Mushrooms

If you are looking to add variety to your meal and get out of your routine, let yourself experience the taste bud pleasing flavors of exotic mushrooms. 


These tan to dark brown mushrooms are also called “Oak,” “Chinese” or “Black Forest” mushrooms. They have umbrella-shaped caps. They are woodsy in flavor and best when thoroughly cooked. The stems tend to be woody and should be removed before cooking. They can be added to stocks for flavor intensity.


Also called “Hen-of-the-Woods” or “Dancing Mushrooms,” these medium brown, ruffled mushrooms are aromatic and have a rich, woodsy taste. Just trim a sliver off the very bottom before cooking.


These creamy-white clustered miniature mushrooms are mild in flavor, slightly crisp in texture and very easy to use. Just trim off the base and add the raw caps and stems to salads and sandwiches or arrange as a garnish on cooked foods. To retain their crisp texture, they should not be heated.


Named for their oyster-shell shape, these delicate velvety mushrooms come in shades of beige, yellow, cream and gray. They are more fragile than most other mushrooms, so should be used shortly after purchase and added to dishes at the end of the cooking time.

Royal Trumpets

Also called “King Oyster”” these light brown trumpet-shaped caps resting on tender white stems.


Beech mushrooms are small with white or light brown caps, have a crunchy texture and a mild sweet flavor. They should be added to foods just before the dish is finished cooking to maintain their crispness.